Engineering & Reengineering

E Services France supports you in the design and management of your project in the framework of assistance or project management missions, we realize;

  • Specifications,
  • Steering the performance,
  • Deployment.

Formalizing specifications

E Services France has an expertise in making functional and technical specifications, capable of precisely expressing your expectations and requirements  for your project, to ensure the feasibility and seek relevant offers.
The development starts with a collection of the needs and benefits sought, according to an analysis grid experienced by ten years of practice. After a prioritization of issues, in anticipation of a possible phasing, we formalize the specifications which aim to provide a basis for the consulting organization in order to identify the provider responsible for the realization.

Steering the performance

We can also accompany the monitoring of the project throughout the implementation phase and therefore ensure compliance with the specifications and thus the initial objectives of the project, but also to help make the necessary adjustments sometime needed.

We have particularly proven our experience in organizing of technical and functional phases, thanks to our double experience in consulting and engineering. This allows us to have both the eye of the user but also identify technical focus points.


The changeover from the old to the new system is an extremely important phase. We take really good care of it from the project planning phase, to enable continuity of service, limit periods of double-entry always challenging for users and to ensure the preservation of data.

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