The Project Manager has a central role in the development of communication campaigns. It is the interface between the client and the teams that will do the job. It can manage one or multiple budgets at the same time.
His first task is to identify and understand the needs of its customer (making brief).

He participated in the development of an advertising strategy (choice of different media, message content ...) with his group leader or his Account Manager, built the campaign budget and negotiates with the advertiser.
Once idea and accepted budget, it must then pass the information to the creative (including DA) of the agency ... then load him to ensure the steering, coordination, monitoring and implementation of the project: design, manufacturing , production, execution of media plan ... in on time and on budget. It will involve working closely with other departments and teams internally and externally: media planning, execution studio, media buying ...

Intervening on different aspects of the campaign gives him the opportunity to work on different techniques: financial, sales, marketing, management.

Fluent English is considered, for general knowledge questions and openness to international clients, as needed.

  • Qualities
  • Sense of management, coordination and organization.
  • Taste for human contact, sense of diplomacy.
  • Dynamism, enthusiasm, optimism.

Type of employer and work environment:
The Project Manager works agency and by positioning it (overall, advertising, media, marketing, interactive ...) it acquires a different technical knowledge. Reporting to the Sales Department, the Project Manager will evolve, in his experience and the size of the agency on Group Leader features, then Account Manager and Sales Manager. Or if he is fascinated by technology (and has no training bac + 5) on more production oriented functions: production manager, for example.

Despite his status as (in most cases), it is not strictly speaking team to coach. By cons, it has functional responsibility of the teams he seeks.

A real "buffer", the project manager has a delicate position because it must share knowledge, compose and to work together people from different professional backgrounds (with different expectations and habits, be it between agencies and advertisers). This often requires a lot of diplomacy and composure.